About us

Hello, welcome to our website.

We make all of our welsh cakes by hand from a small cabin kitchen in Camrose. We have lots of flavours to choose from and they change with the seasons. We love experimenting with flavours as there are so many to explore and combine to make something special. As well as exciting flavours we also offer Gluten free and vegan options. We have had great feedback for these diet-specific welsh cakes and we are very happy with them.

Plumstone Welsh Bakes started in April 2021 by myself, Tom. My original idea was to start a mobile café specialising in welsh cakes - a treat that not many people can turn down. To see which flavours would be most popular I started selling the welsh cakes from an honesty box and very quickly I started stocking shops for the summer. Both locals and tourists loved them and it got to a point where when I finished college in 2022 I could take the business on full time. I'm really looking forward to seeing how far we can push the business with the aim of making welsh cakes a better known treat around the UK.