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36 x Welsh Cakes

36 x Welsh Cakes

36 welsh cakes baked freshly to order.

You have the option to pick 1 or 2 different flavours to fill the box. You will get 18 of each flavour that you choose. If you would like more of one flavour choose the same flavour in multiple options. 

If you would like a box of 36 welsh cakes in gluten free or vegan add a note when checking out to let us know.

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Ingredient Information

Our welsh Cakes are best eaten within 14 days. They are nicer warmed up - 30 seconds in the microwave will do it!

The welsh cakes can be frozen for up to 6 months. Putting them in an air-tight container will be most efficient.

All welsh cakes; regular, vegan and No-Gluten are made in the same kitchen with the same equipment. Everything is washed thoroughly to reduce cross-contamination but to be safe, welsh cakes may not be suitable to those with severe allergies.

To see the ingredients and check allergens please click Ingredients & Allergens

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